About the Hotel

The Obzor Beach Resort guests enjoy a different product compared with what is offered elsewhere in the Black sea coast hotels, as they can customize their vacation according to their wishes. One can prepare a romantic candle dinner for a beloved friend on his own or book a table in one of our cozy restaurants.The main idea of the product offered in that kind of a hotel is to ensure a variety of possibilities and entertainment needed for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Another advantage of Obzor Beach Resort is the standard and service, which makes every guest a special one and gets the attention needed to feel welcomed and respected. To be an even more desirable place there is also a children’s’ club with specialized care for the kids and variety of games and fun.

The calmness of the resort, together with the spa center and children’s club makes Obzor Beach resort attractive for adults and young families, a charming place to indulge yourself.

Please note that the beach in front of the hotels of Obzor Beach Resort is not managed by the resort. Umbrellas and sun loungers are paid at the beach and they are not included in the price for accomodation!



Phones: +359 52 648888 ; +359 89 476 8907
Email: reservations@obrv.eu
Phone: +359 89 444 5240
Web: www.obzorbeachresort.com

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