March 24, 2020

Those who prefer the mountain and decide to escape from the heat, the noise and the bustle of the seaside resort can enjoy the beautiful nature along the eco trail connecting the northwestern outskirts of Obzor and the medieval fortress Kaleto with a total length of 2200 .

An asphalt road can be reached on foot or by car to the Gabra locality, where you will catch your breath in front of the magnificent panoramic view of the sea and the city, which has been lowered at the foot of the mountain.

From here, walk along a path surrounded by pristine vegetation and fresh cool air with the smell of pine. After 300m to the right there is a fork in the path, which, if you take, you will reach the Ayazmoto area, where amidst a tourist shelter with a secure fireplace and table, and a fountain with cool spring healing mineral water, you can sit and relax and enjoy immerse yourself in the marvelous carelessness and serenity that only the mountain can give.

Liked and visited by both tourists and locals “Parvomayska Polyana” is located about 300m away. It has a total area of ​​approximately 2 acres, and before you enter the meadow, you will pass through a fountain, with healing mineral water and its emblematic guardian – the stone bear.

Along the meadow, along a narrow path, you reach a beautiful, steep rocky mountain waterfall. Leaving the waterfall, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the magnificent view. Water falling from a height of 10m crashes into the rocky bed of the creek and forms brilliant fireworks of tiny water droplets. Undoubtedly, during the summer season, the descent to the waterfall itself will be most exciting.
The eco-trail ends with the remains of the medieval fortress “Kaleto”, located about 1000m further.