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Станете част от екипа на Обзор Бийч Резорт!

Не пропускайте шанса да станете част от нашето вълнуващо пътуване! ТЪРСИМ: Мотивирани хора, може и...Læs mere

Black Friday Super Deal!

11 days to book your beach vacation with 40% discount! Book online or contact our...Læs mere

Satisfaction survey


Thank you for choоsing Obzor Beach Resort!

  We are glad that you were satisfied with your stay with us and would...Læs mere

Благодарим Ви, че избрахте Обзор Бийч Резорт!

Радваме се, че сте останали доволни от престоя си при нас и ще Ви бъдем...Læs mere

Medieval fortress Kozyak

The medieval fortress Kozyak is located in the surroundings of the village Dyulino. It is...Læs mere

Kaleto eco-path

Those who prefer the mountain and decide to escape from the heat, noise, and bustle...Læs mere

Temple of St. John the Baptist

The first Bulgarians, after the Turkish conquest, came to Obzor in 1885. The first church...Læs mere