Irakli is a locality (falling within the “Emine” protected areas for the conservation of wild birds and “Emine-Irakli” for the conservation of natural habitats), located near the village of Emona, Municipality of Nessebar. It is 9 km from the town of Obzor, 3 km from Banya and about 20 km from the town of Byala. 51 km south of Varna and about 45 km north of Bourgas.

At one end of the beach there are bungalows of different institutions, the rest of the coast is known for its pristine nature and clean environment, which can not be found almost anywhere on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There are unique plants that are listed in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria and protected by the Biodiversity Act.

In the XIII-XIV centuries in the area is located the maritime port Visa.

The beach of Irakli is in close proximity to the eponymous protected area “Irakli”, located between the village of Emona and Cape Emine with an area of ​​42.30 hectares. It is controlled by the Nessebar State Hunting Company, under the supervision of the Regional Environmental Inspectorate in Burgas. Government Declared Protected Territory by Order No. RD110 of 6 May 1994. The aim is to preserve the typical coastal habitats of rare and endangered plant species such as sand lily and jelly, marine wounded, sandy jelly, Tartar milkweed, sea windmill, Pontian buckthorn and many birds.